Restaurant Tracking

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Every day more than 100 new restaurants are launched in the U.S.  Of these new businesses, 35 are chain store locations and 65 are independently owned. By contrast, every week more than 750 locations close. If you’re an investor, supplier, owner or territory manager, you can use our research and tracking services to avoid high-failure areas and identify promising locations.

Based on your needs, we provide reports that can drill down from a major metro area to a ZIP code to the smallest DMA or neighborhood to identify trends and track changes. Our services are available in a variety of packages, price points and durations.  And, in addition to our pre-existing reports we offer customized market tracking services to fit any need and budget.

Learn More about these Tracking Services:

Restaurant Chain Monitor

Track location moves, territories, growth and contraction of restaurant chains.

Emerging Chain Graduation Alerts

Find out when a growing chain is large enough to justify your sales efforts.

Real Estate Site Selection

Build your own customized maps without the need for a complicated mapping tool.





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